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US-4029458-A: Extrusion die patent, US-4031283-A: Polytetrafluoroethylene felt patent, US-4068959-A: Coupler apparatus patent, US-4077938-A: Sol of ultra-fine particles of layered structure material patent, US-4086427-A: Common shield-terminating connection in shielded wire bundle patent, US-4117103-A: Lithium ion transport compositions patent, US-4152826-A: Method for separating the ground and signal conductors in a plural conductor flat cable patent, US-4179667-A: Circuit arrangement for adjusting the volume of an automobile radio receiver in dependence on road noise patent, US-4261760-A: Method for orienting pile fibers of a wet elongated web patent, US-4309491-A: Electric cell with a non-aqueous electrolyte patent, US-4407690-A: Process for coating webs with polyethylene patent, US-4480271-A: Dropped sample data rate reduction system patent, US-4566717-A: Light trailer with independent wheel suspensions patent, US-4674693-A: Mill patent, US-4734783-A: Shading elimination device for image read-out apparatus patent, US-4774188-A: Control of circuit board quality patent, US-4777462-A: Edge coupler magnetostatic wave structures patent, US-4785879-A: Parallel wrapped tube heat exchanger patent, US-4861651-A: Ultraviolet blocking material and method of making same patent, US-4974880-A: Reduction bushings in the casing of production and injection wells patent, US-5009834-A: Curvilinear translating latch and linkage arrangement in a control rod drive mechanism of a nuclear reactor patent, US-5166478-A: Protective sheath for electrical cables patent, US-5324832-A: Muscarinic antagonists patent, US-5529471-A: Additive fabrication apparatus and method patent, US-5564876-A: Corrosion-resistant, headed fastener, such as nail for exterior applications, and manufacturing method patent, US-5599887-A: Chromium catalyst compositions and ethylene polymerization processes therewith patent, US-5616077-A: Control system for a cotton harvester patent, US-5687145-A: Disc loading apparatus for disc recording and/or reproducing apparatus having arrangement which lowers disc onto disc setting surface as it is extracted from array patent, US-5730033-A: Florescent light bulb changing device patent, US-5742120-A: Light-emmiting diode lamp with directional coverage for the emmitted light patent, US-5902913-A: Production of hydrofluoroalkanes patent, US-6045234-A: Fishing tool with illuminated retractable probe patent, US-6306116-B1: Method and apparatus for pressurizing the right atrium or right ventricle to assist cardiac function during beating heart surgery patent, US-6388827-B2: Image display apparatus having three-dimensionally decentered optical path patent, US-6426531-B1: Semiconductor integrated circuit device and a method of assembly thereof patent, US-6447940-B1: Evaporation control method for liquid fuel in fuel cell system patent, US-3708225-A: Coated synthetic plastic lens patent, US-3712318-A: Vortex proximity sensor with increased sensing range patent, US-3790381-A: Alkaline photographic developer concentrate patent, US-3824843-A: Device for holding test head patent, US-3848507-A: Pipeline for delivering cross-linked slurried explosives patent, US-3879371-A: Isolation of vasoactive intestinal peptide patent, US-3887899-A: Dual brake system fault detection device patent, US-3924153-A: Electron gun patent, US-3928713-A: Pressurized underground cable pedestal patent, US-3966410-A: Group extraction of organic compounds present in liquid samples patent, US-4050893-A: Arrangement for preparing natural tissue for implantation patent, US-4111176-A: Engine shutdown control patent, US-4166271-A: Digital recognition circuits patent, US-4191840-A: Oxamic acid derivatives patent, US-4228635-A: Poultry bagging system patent, US-4281062-A: Test for the identification of glucose and for the determination of glucose patent, US-4301645-A: Tobacco harvesting method and apparatus patent, US-4384456-A: Dynamic breakwater and wave energy recovery and conversion system patent, US-4410703-A: Substituted dimercapto thiadiazoles and lubricant compositions containing same patent, US-4450855-A: Removable condensate collector for elevated water storage facilities patent, US-4548503-A: Method of and apparatus for monitoring a dynamic condition of rolling-mill rolls patent, US-4549761-A: Vehicle body sealing arrangement patent, US-4582296-A: Composite blade for dampers for ducts of large cross sectional areas patent, US-4596701-A: Process for purifying molybdenum trioxide patent, US-4612571-A: Constant Z bandswitched input filter patent, US-4615476-A: Fluid-dispensing apparatus patent, US-4656440-A: Single-sideband modulator and broadcast transmitter patent, US-4688039-A: Heat-insulated telemetry system for vacuum furnace patent, US-4821630-A: Sun tea adapter for plastic cartons patent, US-4908722-A: Digital magnetic recording/reproduction apparatus and method patent, US-4979285-A: Method of connecting a stack of laminations for electric motors patent, US-4981415-A: Support for oil film dampers patent, US-5171441-A: Apparatus for treating water and/or wastewater patent, US-5183652-A: Radioactive catalyst and oxidation-reduction method and apparatus using same patent, US-5207359-A: Tamper evident cover for sprayer nozzle patent, US-5276710-A: Carrier frequency error detector capable of accurately detecting a carrier frequency error patent, US-5284572-A: Method of producing a thin-film magnetic head utilizing electroplating patent, US-5692918-A: Two-piece universal cable-connector adapter patent, US-5767302-A: High-purity TI complexes, methods for producing the same and BST film-forming liquid compositions patent, US-5798815-A: Method and kit for attaching side shields to eyeglass temples patent, US-6081428-A: Cooling apparatus for electric devices patent, US-6095021-A: Electrically powered hand held pipe cutter patent, US-6112502-A: Restocking method for medical item dispensing system patent, US-6149960-A: Process and formulation for a chemically leavened dough or bakery product patent, US-6160803-A: High processing gain spread spectrum TDMA system and method patent, US-6265787-B1: Vehicle anti-theft system patent, US-6487146-B1: Read focus optimization for an optical disk drive patent, US-6650635-B1: Network telephone communication patent, US-6739112-B1: Bone allograft packaging system patent, US-3756342-A: Replaceable air cushion device patent, US-3796200-A: Fuel injection apparatus patent, US-3802593-A: Molded place setting with rigid support patent, US-3831673-A: Heat exchangers patent, US-3853055-A: Eddy current printer apparatus patent, US-3982654-A: Plastic case system patent, US-4039025-A: Apparatus for anchoring an offshore structure patent, US-4043478-A: Beverage container with integral straw patent, US-4050540-A: Movable device for generating acoustic shear waves in the earth patent, US-4089491-A: Camouflaged aircraft, surface vessel or vehicle or the like patent, US-4178735-A: Method of sheathing catheter patent, US-4216552-A: Sink mounted infant bathing device patent, US-4235223-A: Solar-liquid heat system patent, US-4239927-A: Removal of organic chlorides from synthetic oils patent, US-4240866-A: Apparatus for manufacturing a product having elastic means disposed in the transverse direction patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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